Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bih Zahr: Not-so-Bizaare bar.

Looking for a place to hang with your friends in Quezon City tonight? 

I do have a place to recommend if you live within the Tomas Morato - South Triangle Area.

Bih Zahr - taken from the phonetical way of pronouncing the word Bizaare is one of the newest place to chill with your friends here in Quezon City. 

One of the things that I like about Bih Zahr is they take it a step higher when it comes to their food and drinks. 

Some of my favorites are their cheese sticks with a mayo wasabi sauce which bring a kick to it. 

Another one of their specialties is their Pancit which is really flavorful and great to share with your friends. 

They also have delicious sizzling plates great with beer or any drink to be exact!

You can also try their Bih Zahr signature drink which is great to drink because its refreshingly good. If you are not up for that you can drink some iced cold beer at it. 

One of the things that I can suggest you try with your friends is their 24 deadly shots which I can say is really deadly because for me after the 4th shot I can't take it anymore. 

They also have themed nights like Monday Blues, LGBT Thursdays and more! 

Bih Zarh is located at #9 Sct Borromeo, Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City. 

Much Love! 


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