Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Banchetto Night with a twist!

Hey Y'all I'm back with another banchetto post! I know its getting kinda tiring reading about a food bazaar, but this one has a twist! 

What twist you may ask? 

I was with one of my friends and also blogger Ian! 

I just decided to ask her if she wants to try some Korean food last Friday and she said yes.. hehe
Ian does not really know a lot about Korean food so I was her "tour guide" for that night.

We went to the usual stall that sells cheap but very delicious Korean food. 

I ordered Ddukkboki with Kim Mari, while Ian ordered Kim mari with Ddukkboki...What's the difference? Ddukkboki with Kim mari has more of the sauce than the kim mari and the other has more of the kim mari than the ddukkboki...got it? ^^

While we were eating we got into talking about what had happened when I left my previous job. Its a bit of a catching up with what happened with our lives. 

I really miss Ian, she is one tough chick that you would never know that she already has kids! Honestly I was shocked when I found out about that before but now its all good. 

Well I guess I will have to go now...

Till the next post! And don't worry I won't be about banchetto anymore LOL

Much love! 

-- Alice


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