Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It may seem weird that I am blogging about my weight loss journey in a food that even possible to begin with? 

As all of you may know I am overweight. At first I was denying the fact that food is my frenemy. Undeniably I have been emotionally eating for the last year because of a tough break up. 

I always tell to myself that I eat to live, not the other way around, but it seems that I just turn the other cheek when I over eat. 

So I think this is a better way for me to conquer that. Starting with this blog I will change the way I eat with my readers. I will try to show more healthy treats that is available in the market. 

This may be a food blog, but blogging about food high in cholesterol and saying that it is delicious is just full of crap. I will still post little "cheaties" once in a while, but I want my readers to also know their choices, I would also like my readers to know that there are other things besides fries, burgers and sodas. 
I will also feature places you can do activities good for the body and the mind. 

This is no ordinary Food and Travel Blog, this is also your choice for your lifestyle. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. Really sorry I wasn't able to post a lot in this blog. 


I'll try to post more promise 

Much Love! 

- Alice


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