Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top summer activities / destinations

Hey y'all! I'm back! I know its been raining this week because of chedeng, but that the heck its still summer! haha!

What's your top summer destinations? See below to know what's my top summer activities and destinations!

1. Beach.

Philippines is one of the places in the world that caters to the best beaches. I for one will say I am really proud to be a Filipino with these places.

Top Picks for beaches would be in Batangas and also Subic. I wouldn't recommend Bora since I haven't been there. I need to experience it first before I recommend it to you guys.

2. Park.

I know it may sound weird but if you are on a budget, your next option is to go to the park. I usually go to Quezon City Circle since its near my house. Parks can give you that new perspective on life.

3. Malls.

Another budget cruncher here! haha! I like going to malls for mainly 2 reasons: 1. to shop till my wallet burns and 2. to cool off from the summer heat. Don't even dare deny that you don't do the second thing! LOL

4. Library and Bookstore.

I like these kinds of places because its quite. Coming from a really loud person, going in this kinds of places is like a meditation for me.

5. Spa.

This one is a bit of a luxury for me. I like going to Ace Water spa when I want to let out some steam. another option is go to Laguna to experience their hot springs.

I know that most of you guys would really head out to Bora or other places to let off some steam, but why not try to go to these places to have a new perspective in life.

well that is my post today. Thanks for reading! please comment below if you have any suggestions. I would really appreciate it! ^_^

Much Love!

-- Alice


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