Friday, May 6, 2011


Summer is already here in Manila and its freakin' hot! 

Honestly! Like its 38 degrees here in Manila... 

I like summer but not on times that its scorching hot outside and there is no beach to go to 

I have been receiving a lot of invites for weekend outings but I have to refrain them for a while. For the only reason that I don't have money to spend on those trips. I have been under some "debt" due to the renovation of our house. And the outcome is basically me having no money to spend on those trips. 

I would actually choose my house more than going on those trips if you ask me. The only thing that I regret is I won't be able to do them during summer. 

My house is due to finish around June or August, Depending if there are some changes or unexpected events (you'll never know!) 

I just wish that i will be able to have at least a decent internet connection at home. 

To those who are having their trips, have a great trip! 

To those who are like me, good luck on us! haha! 

I'm still enjoying summer, but in a different way. Instead of going on trips I would just enjoy the city in a different way. 

I usually walk around our neighborhood around 1am for some "fresh air".
Its also exercise for me since I am on the heavy side as of the moment. 

Go to my beauty blog if you want to see how big I am.. Haha! 

well gotta go! thanks for reading! leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you ^_^
much love! 

-- Alice


  1. Actually, the hot weather reminded me of a few years back when i was still working for an english school in tektite, the temperature really went up to 40something degrees and it was so darn hot and humid inside the building the aircon couldn't supply much and we have all the available fans turned on, and my korean boss even bought another two just to compensate us all. those were crazy summer times. :)

  2. well fortunately the ac here at the office works pretty well.. I just hate that I won't be able to travel a lot this summer due that I'm still a "probie" :'(

  3. Goodluck to us Alice! haha. My friends never invite me for a trip or whatever. Even if they invited me, i still don't go. I better spend my time with my family while i'm still here. :)