Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pig out moment: At the office and il mercanti

Last week was one heck of a week if you ask me since we just found out one of my office mates passed the board exams for teachers! woohoo! Congrats Jewel!

So as part of the celebration we had a mini potluck at the office for the October celebrants and also as a congratulations for our Jewel ^^, 

We had cake and pansit at work. I could honestly tell you right now that I wasn't able to taste much the pansit because I was having class and my office mates just went ahead haha! I just got scraps LOL. 

The cake was okay since its from Goldilocks since for sometime I have acquired a distaste on their mocha cake...maybe because its not chilled so the taste is very different. 

After work we headed out to Il mercanti which is just at the parking lot of metrowalk.

I got a slice of pizza for only 170 pesos. And this pizza is good for 3 people of you ask me. 

In case you remember I made several posts about banchetto and if I compare these two they have their own pros and cons.

With Banchetto, you get a variety with the food you can order. In Il mercanti there's not that much variety since I wasn't able to find korean or chinese food there. In terms of space though in Il mercanti you can comfortably sit in a well lighted area and there wont be smoke from the barbecue stands haha! Although I heard that banchetto was transferred to Megatent, I don't think I am ready to charge and push my way to buy some food haha! 

You should really try il mercanti because its a great place to go before you go drinking in metrowalk ^^,

Much love! 

--- Alice 



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  2. I agree with you mercanti is such a great place for foodie:)

    Merry Christmas and congratulations to your friend:)