Monday, December 12, 2011

My Rainy Saturday with Michelle


So how's your weekend? mine?...hmmm... it was great since I was able to shop for some items and get to spend some time with my friend Michelle. It was supposed to be me, Michelle and 2 of our friends but something came up so they weren't able to come. 
Me and Michelle met up at the world trade center for the World Bazaar in which we checked out the deals and also went shopping. Michelle actually bought a lot than I did because it was for Christmas gift. The World bazaar was packed when we were there it was like Divisoria if you ask me haha! 

After that, Me, Michelle and her dad went to Mall of Asia to shop some more...well Michelle went to shop some more haha! after shopping we ate at Pho Hoa which is a Vietnamese Restaurant. I really like eating food from other countries since they showcase their culture from the colors, ingredients and also the way they prepare the food. 

I am no food expert but I would know if something is delicious or not :D 

Michelle and her dad got a bowl of beef noodles but they tasted different from the usual ones I eat. I'm really sorry if I won't be able to give you to price but as far as I remember its below 200 pesos and it comes in 2 sizes - large and small. 

Regarding the taste of the beef soup, some would actually say it tastes like medicine according to Michelle's dad, but I don't really it tastes like that. Its more of a fuller taste and it kinda requires you to taste it some more to say that it is delicious.

I ordered beef brisket and rice since it really looks good. For drinks we ordered freshly squeezed lemonade. The beef brisket were so good! it was really soft and chewy. the sauce was just right and also the consistency of the sauce was perfect - not too runny, not too thick. The rice was only enough to make you full which is good. 

One thing that really fascinated me with this restaurant is their chili sauce. They have this sauce that you add to your food which will make it a bit spicy. I forgot the exact name though but when I added that to my beef brisket it actually made it taste more delicious. 

I will definitely go back and ask where I can buy that sauce  ^^, 

That was my Saturday with my dear friend Michelle. It wasn't that much but I really had fun. 

See you on my next adventure! 

Much love! 

-- Alice


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