Saturday, December 31, 2011

Company Christmas party @ Tramway

Okay so I will be doing this post without any pictures because the pictures were accidentally deleted from my camera and whenever I would post those that are in my facebook page, it would just be flipped...Like WTH?!?!?!? 

But any who I will just write this post about my experience last Decemeber 17 2011 from our Christmas party that was held in Tramway in Mandaluyong.

It was a blast if you ask me, I had fun although there were some bad points I just tried to look on to the bright side of things since its the time to be merry and festive.

Okay onto the food, I like the food they served which is more of a fusion between Chinese and Filipino cuisines. I like that it is in a buffet style so in case someone would like another serving they can just go to the buffet table. 

Here's the bad points though, there was only 1 server that was 'helping' us in getting the food, by what I mean by that is just telling us what is the name of the food. I know its supposed to be self service, but if the food won't budge, would it be great if they can help us at least get a spoonfull of it on my plate? #justsayin

And also the food was not that warm anymore, maybe because the program was too long that it got cold. It just frustrated me more with the tables and seating arrangements that we had and also the sounds system that was provided don't get me started on that. Ay que terrible mijo! 
But overall I had fun with my co-workers. I don't have bad blood towards Tramway Mandaluyong, I just hope next time they would be more ready and accommodating even if its the Christmas season that doesn't mean that you won't give in an extra effort to the service right? 

That's it for today's post! 

This ain't a rant in case you are wondering...I'm just stating a point ^0^

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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