Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas and year-ender party @ MCDO

Last December 28 I was able to have a Christmas and Year ender party with my office mates. We actually held it at McDonald's  since we were already out of time. 

I was really glad because we were able to enjoy a few laughs even though we just got out of work and our throats still felt soar from talking for like 8 hours+. I actually left our office earlier since I have to help with the preparations. I helped with the audio since I have some experience with it from school.
And we actually started around 11:15pm with the prayers and the program. Our Christmas and year ender party was more likely a children's party because of the wackiness that we did.

I was actually not feeling well before and during the party because I was coming down with the flu but since this is our first Christmas party as an account I sucked it up so I can enjoy the moment with my co-worker. I have been working in the company for only a year and yet I feel that they are like family.

During the party, we had games and prizes that were raffled off. I wasn't able to join the game since I already know the mechanics and I know the way around to win it. Trust me when it comes to party games, I sometimes get really competitive so I just chose to take some pictures and videos.

I actually won something from the raffle, its a water bottle which I really find useful since I told myself I need to hydrate myself more.

I was really glad our party was a success and I am just thankful that I was able to spend time with my office mates in a simple celebration.

How was your Christmas party? Tell me more on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love!

-- Alice


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