Monday, January 9, 2012

What me and Enchong ate at Abe

My Food Buddy for the day -- Enchong Dee!

Hey ladies! I am back with a new blog post. 
If you also subscribed to my beauty/personal blog you would already know that I went on a date with the ever so lovable Enchong Dee! I am saying that he is lovable because he is! and you know what he also likes food - A LOT! 

We had our date at a restaurant called Abe in Serendra. Its a posh-looking restaurant that serves Spanish-Filipino cuisines. I haven't tried their food so I am really curious about it. 

my plate....wala pa yung entree eh rice palang..

At the start of the date, I actually let Enchong choose what we will eat because its been a while since I don't know what will be good. He asked for my opinion on some of the food in the menu and at the end we have decided to get, Hito (Sorry forgot the full name on the menu), Lengua, Laing, and Kilawin, we also ordered bamboo rice since its pretty interesting and for drinks we had ripe mango shake each. Talk about hungry right? He was the one who ordered it! **point at Enchong**

The separate table was our table

I wasn't able to take a look around at the venue but it has a cozy feeling with a modern twist. 

The atmosphere is very modern yet homey which is nice. 

As for the food, It was superb. I really liked the kilawin, lengua and laing. As for the hito or catfish, I was a little confused on how to eat it since its my first time LOL but it was really delicious. 

Most of the food we ate are really simple but it was more of the ambiance that made me like the experience in eating.

As for dessert, we had Coupe Adriatico and the restaurant gave a maja blanca because it was my birthday.

Over all the food, ambiance and the experience was really one of a kind.

Thank you Abe for the great experience and also thank you Enchong Dee for a wonderful evening.

I now leave you with a photo from Enchong's Ktxt 


credits to Enchong Dee

Much Love!

-- Alice

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