Sunday, January 29, 2012

My twist on Bibimbap

I like eating Korean food for some reason. I especially like eating Bibimbap.

Bibimbap literally means mixed rice. If you have watched Full House, Song Hye Kyo actually had a scene that she made bibimbap in a big bowl. 

Usually a bibimbap consists of a bowl warm of rice, namul or vegetables, pepper paste (gochujang), raw or fried egg and sliced beef. When you eat a Bibimbap you have to mix it thoroughly so all the flavors will blend together. 

Koreans actually present this dish in a more detailed manner when you eat it in restaurant, and by all honesty its too good for me to eat. 

I usually eat this when I really need an energy booster because of the pepper paste. In my version, instead of having beef, I actually added poached chicken breasts without the skin. For the vegetables, I used lettuce since it was the only vegetable available in my chiller. I also cooked 1 small egg and then had only a half cup of rice since I am on a diet. And of course 2 Tbsp of chili pepper paste. I actually added more when I was mixing it. I know it would turn me red after eating this but I'm quite used to it. ^^,

When making bibimbap, any ingredient is okay to use just as long as it is edible haha! 

And if you are having some problem about the pepper paste, you can just check out the Chinese/Japanese/Korean Aisle in your local grocer, I'm pretty sure they have it there ^^, 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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