Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GREAT service with Pizza Hut!

I love Italian cuisine and that includes pizzas right? and I was ecstatic when we had not one but two pizzas! I know it makes me look like I am a pig, but I haven't eaten a pizza hut for a couple of months now so I think that is a fair chance for me LOL

Me and my friends were actually gonna go with Big guys Pizza coz they serve huge pizzas but unfortunately they will deliver our order at 10 pm which was too long for us, we called in at 7pm mind you that.  We got the buy 1 take 1 deal which is like 499 at Pizza Hut. A great deal for 2 pizzas if you ask me. 

But as we were waiting, I've noticed that the delivery time has passed because I remember if it has not been delivered within 30 minutes it would be free right? But their customer service is great because they called us back saying sorry that it will be a little late and they will just give us a complementary pizza as compensation and I was like SCORE! haha! talk about pig out! 

When it was delivered, it was still hot which is good. And of course the delivery guy was really friendly although he was a little shy to us haha! but that's okay :D 


Will definitely order more from you guys! 

Much Love! 

-- ALice


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