Monday, February 6, 2012

My Friend's Birthday at Quattro+quick review of Quattro

So last Satuday (January 28 2012), Me and my friends met up so we can celebrate my friend's birthday. The initial plan was at Eastwood but because I'll be coming from Trinoma and the others thought that its kinda far we agreed to Quattro instead. 

I've seen this place ever since I was in High School. And back then my mom was just near this place so I've seen it several time. 

Upon arriving, I actually had to wait for my friends since they were on their way. I waited an hour and a half, yes believe it or not I did wait for them. That's how good of a friend I am. 

When they have arrived, we checked out their menu and ordered some nachos with cheese and beef, tofu with mushrooms and a bucket of San Miguel Strong Ice. I know I am on a diet but Saturday was actually my cheat day so this is an exception. 

We mostly ordered side dishes which are around 120-150 php each. Their beers are quite pricey if you ask me. Since as far as I remember 1 bucket (6 bottles) is around 250 - 320 php.

I do admit their ambiance is good since its more on the laid back side. This restaurant/bar is more suitable for those who are just looking for a drink and would like to talk to their friends.

We also had a bucket of Antonov which is a vodka drink which is infused with flavor. I actually don't like the apple flavor of this. I'll do another post about this ^^,

I haven't tried jello shots before so I guess there is always a first time for everything. I got the zesty lemon while one of my friends got the jager bomb. The zesty lemon kinda taste like lemonade with a bit of cough medicine. Its kinda gross but you'll get over it in 5 seconds. Jager bomb is a little sweet but the alcohol effect will kick in sooner than you thought.

I do think their staff at Quattro is a little slow and their interior is a little too laid back but I can say this is a good place to have drinks with your friends. 

And again I would just like to greet my friend J.


Much Love! 

-- Alice


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