Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indulge Item of the Week: McDonald's Green Apple Sprite Float

Due to the summer heat, I have been forced to buy one of these. I was also in the mood to try something different from my usual tumbler of iced tea to quench my thirst everyday. 

I was kinda glad that their floats are very fruity which suits for those who wants a refreshing taste after being in the sun for some time. I was just a little bothered with the after taste the ice cream has but what else can you say since this is a float. 

I got mine in green apple which was my first time to try. I like that it is refreshing and the scent is divine. I really like the scent of apple for some reason and the taste just hits the spot. 

The price is also reasonable for 29 pesos for the regular one. You can also get this with a medium sized fries for 50 pesos. 

Great drinks are really something if you want to try it. 

You can check out any McDonalds to get a taste of this. 

Much Love!


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