Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SumoSam's Grand Opening at Gateway Mall .. yum yum! ^_^ *caution food porn ahead*

My mom's job is to send entertainers to Japan and Korea, so ever since I was a kid I basically grew up knowing Japanese cuisines and its culture, which I have grown accustomed to.  

It was really nice that there are more Japanese restaurants since me and my family eat out in these kinds of restaurants.  Japanese food culture is actually getting some hype here in the Philippines since more people are more curious in eating new cuisines. 

I am definitely one of those. And since I grew up knowing a lot about Japanese culture it was really nice that I was able to attend the opening of Sumo Sam here at Gateway in Cubao yesterday. 

SumoSam is one of the restaurants that showcases Japanese-American inspired cuisines. Their best sellers are their Steaks, Seafood and sushi. This is a definite food fest for every foodie out there.

 SumoSam is co-owned by actor/chef Marvin Agustin besides from John and Yoko and Cafe Ten Titas. As it says in their logo, their specialties are Japanese-American cuisines which is a little new here in the Philippines. He also was the one who sliced a huge California maki which is customary in an opening of a Japanese restaurant to what I've heard.

Its interior is very Japanese-inspired with its minimalist feel. Its theme colors are red and black. Its very sleek and modern but still has the oriental touch. It looks professional which is good if you are going on a meeting with your clients or have a dinner with your office mates. 

SumoSam's Pride
For starters we were given the Spicy Tuna Salad, Sumo's Pride and Assorted Sashimi.  I really liked the spicy tuna salad because the spiciness is not too much. Its also quite colorful that your eyes will have a feast with this starters.  SumoSam's Pride is their salad that has lettuce, walnuts, prawns, mangoes and its sauce.

Assorted Sashimi
I wasn't able to remember the things inside the spicy tuna salad but the taste is light for the taste buds.

Spicy Tuna Salad

Their drinks are also great. When I arrived at the venue, I was asked if I wanted red or green iced tea. The difference between the two besides their color is that the red iced tea is sweeter than the green iced tea. While the green iced tea has a more citrus taste. Both are refreshing if you ask me but I would prefer the green iced tea because I like citrus drinks.

There were several other food that we've eaten during the event. I will just post another more detailed version of each cuisine.But for now here are their pictures.

SumoSam's Pride

Vegetable Tempura (left) and Gyouza (right)

Ebi Tempura

Beef Terriyaki
Chicken Terriyaki (left) and fried rice (right) I'm sorry I forgot the Japanese term
Fruit plate for our dessert

HUGE maki!!! *Food Coma*
The food, ambiance and also the service is great at SumoSam's will definitely go back with my family real soon!

And now I leave you with a parting short of me munching on sashimi! Who want some?? ^_^

Like SumoSam's Facebook page here

You can visit SumoSam's latest restaurant at the 1st level of Gateway mall.

Watch out for my second blog about each dish I tasted at the event.

 Much Love!

-- Alice


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