Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Breakfast and so Much More at BFAST

Breakfast is, quite possibly, the one meal that I can eat at any time of the day (or even at night) and it will definitely satisfy one's hunger pangs..or maybe my hunger pangs LOL.

This is especially true in the Philippines since breakfast, just like with lunch and dinner (and sometimes even merienda!), is often served with rice (Don't deny it!), making it a belly filling experience compared to the westernized 'continental' breakfast which is usually composed of eggs, bread or muffins, and some sort of deli (ham, sausages or bacon) or some processed meat like hot dogs, corned beef, or luncheon meat...spam anyone?

I was really amazed to know that the husband and wife culinary team of Chefs Roland Laudico and Jacqueline Laudico (nee Juarez), better known as Chef Lau and Chef Jac, decided to take the Ayala Triangle Gardens up on their offer and open what was originally conceptualized as an all day breakfast restaurant: Chef Laudico's BFAST.

After all, when it comes to comfort food, nothing is as comforting as classic Filipino breakfast dishes cooked with both tradition and innovation in mind. Each meal would actually bring back precious childhood memories.

The resto has a cozy feel which really puts the emphasis on several factors that both Chef Lau and Chef Jac are passionate about: the conceptualization of their menus, Filipino-grown organic ingredients, and putting the time and effort necessary in order to maintain the high quality of their dishes.

Speaking of using organic ingredients from the Philippines, in case you want to know they usually get it from Batangas and other parts of the country. I know that there are organic farms in the Philippines and I really think that if we would like to live healthier, buy organic and buy from local farmers.

Being chefs, they have a better understanding of the technicalities involved in the preparing and also cooking in which they make sure that none of their menu items would be things that can be just put in a microwave or in a pressure cooker just for convenience's sake

They also make it a point to support local farmers by buying their produce. For example, the ever popular tapa served in BFAST is made from Kitayama Wagyu beef grown in the lush backyards of Bukidnon and the desserts use fresh carabao milk, making them more flavorful. If you taste their desserts its actually much more flavorful than the commercialized ones that I've tasted.

I was able to eat some of their food and I would say that there is such a big difference when you use organic products. The one that I love the most is actually their pasta since the sauce is super fresh. I also loved their Kitayama Wagyu beef which tastes so divine! The meat is so tender that it kinda melts in the mouth. Its also very flavorful because according to Chef Jac, the meat was given an allotted time to roam around the ranch since it will build its muscles thus making the meat more tasty in a way.

BFAST has an array of very Filipino breakfast fare in the form of their 'silogs'. Silogs are composed of garlic rice, and organic egg, some salsa, plus one's choice of viand:tapa, bacon, ham, corned beef or fish tocino. However, Chefs Lau and Jackie recognized the need to expand their menu to include other dishes that may not necessarily fall under the 'breakfast' category. Thus there are 'gulays' (organic vegetable dishes) 'pinoy pastas' (pasta dishes with a uniquely filipino twist) and grilled pizzas (thin crust but definitely not thin on flavor) plus different kinds of rice, salads, soups (aka sopas) and desserts.

There is also the most lauded ensaymada sandwich that is made with brioche bread and three different kinds of fillings: corned beef with onions, BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomatoes) and the very aptly names "Eggsaymada" (ham, egg, and cheese). Too bad I wasn't able to taste it, but I saw one of the customers eating it.

If you are craving for a heavier non breakfast meal, BFAST has dishes made with organic chicken or pork, kitayama wagyu beef or seafood. Whether one wants some savory kare-kare with ox tripe, serving of mouthwatering Sinampalukang Roast Chicken with BFAST Gravy, an prder delectable Seafood Paella Valenciana, or their fair share of succulent pugon balamban roast with pinakurat soy glaze, BFAST never seems to disappoint our tummies.

Just when one thinks things could not get any better, BFAST is well aware of Filipinos wanting the proverbial "bang" for their buck and they have definitely gone beyond that by ensuring that their prices are more than budget-friendly. The resto also happens to have items under their "SoupRice!" menu that are basically rice meals with a particular viand topping on one's choosing plus soup, drinks, and dessert all included int he very affordable price.

This is the buffet
There are also lunch and dinner buffets from 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 10pm, respectively prepared from Mondays to Thursdays and all you can eat merienda and dessert choices with a cup of coffee every single day of the week (3pm to 5pm). Want some more? Then, make room over the weekend for all the wagyu beef you can eat plus a buffet to boot. (Fridays:11am to 2:30pm and 6pm to 10pm and Saturdays and Sundays: 9am to 2:30pm and 6PM to 9PM)

The Laudicos created BFAST to share their passion for Filipino food with every customer that walks through their doors. They hope that with each meal they create and serve, the Filipino palate is able to experience the possibilities that are out there as far as taking Filipino cuisine to a world-class level. And also with their use of organic and fresh ingredients from local produce, and their belief in healthier food fare which absolutely has NO preservatives or extenders and, frankly, the dishes in BFAST do not need them one bit!, Chef Laudico's BFAST proves that whether its breakfast or any other meal, food is more fun (and scrumptious) in the Philippines!

I will definitely go back for more! Expect another post about BFAST soon! Thank you Ms. Jeyzel and Sir Philip of Style RPA for inviting us. And also I am so thankful to meet Chef Jac and was able to chat with her, she is one fantastic chef and very pretty too! You can't tell that she already has kids! Again it was nice meeting you Chef Jac and Chef Lau, I do hope I can see you again when I go back to BFAST :)

I'll do another post on the food that I ate at BFAST. :)

Much Love!



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