Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yummy Food at BFAST!


As promised, I am back to let you see what I ate at BFAST. I wasn't able to post this as soon as possible because I was:

1. Terribly busy with work. 
2. Wasn't able to do it because of the weather.
3. Forgot that I have to do this post.

Yah...I know I have to drink some memory booster next time :D okay so lets get started with the food that I will be showing you. If you guys remembered I was invited to have an intimate lunch with Chef Jac and Chef Lau at their restaurant BFAST a week ago or so, and I was really in a treat with their food! 

Seriously sira ang diet ko! haha! But I won't blame their food for that LOL 

Me and my other blogger friends actually opted for the buffet since we are able to choose from the variety of food that they offer. The buffet has like grilled meat, pasta, viands and seafoods.  I wasn't able to take a picture because I was hungry yah blame it on the tummy! LOL

So anyway back to that, I was only eyeing their pasta since I haven't eaten pasta in a long time because of the diet.

I was able to get to eat yummy food from BFAST. Here's the first serving.

I got pasta with fresh red sauce, toasted bread and grilled pork. Well yeah I guess you could say I started weak, but that is one thing you need to remember about buffets - do not go overboard on the first plate, you will regret it for sure.

I loved the freshness of the sauce that even without cheese I would still go back for more. The toasted bread is a bit stale, maybe because it was left in the open for too long but its not really a bad thing for me. The grilled meat was divine if you ask me. Its not too greasy and the meat is tender enough you can use your fork to can cut it to pieces which is so weird but its true.

Here' s my second plate. I had a healthy serving of java rice, bread and as I remember the third would be kaldereta. Again sorry because my brain is not cooperating well in these situations ugh!

I know what you think...carbs on carbs? My goodness! Don't worry this is actually my last plate since BFAST's food are healthy AND filling that even if you like to eat a lot you will be able to control your servings here.

Now lets go to my favorite part of the meal : The dessert!

I was only able to try three out of the four that was served to us. I remember the one that I loved most is the Suman Panacotta with mangoes. I loved that it is like biko but has a sweet and tangy twist to it because of the panacotta and also the mangoes. I also loved the Mango Brioche since its sweet but not over whelming to the palette.

Over all I really enjoyed eating at BFAST. Its really something I won't forget. The food and the atmosphere is so comfy that its a great hang out with your friends or co workers midst the busy lifestyle in Makati.

BFAST is located at the Ayala Triangle Garden,Ayala Avenue, Ayala Triangle Makati City. 

Much Love!

-- Alice 


  1. So far from where I live but the food looks delish :)

  2. great job alice! You made my mouth water! ^^ LOVE the food! :)) thanks for sharing!