Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to make instant pancit palabok

Hello ladies! I know the title sounds weird since there is actually no easy way to make pancit palabok. Not unless it is an instant kind from Lucky Me! :D 

I think this is a new product since I haven't seen a TVC of this in any channel I watch. Retailed at 13PHP, this is a great afternoon snack. I remember when I was younger my dad would buy me palabok which is actually good for 3 people, but me and my dad would be the ones eating it. 

This is also great if you are at work and don't have much time to buy palabok, you can just make it. And also this doesn't require you to boil water, you just need hot water for this! 

here's the instructions: 

1. Get bowl of hot water.
2. Put the noodles into the bowl of hot water.
3. Cover the bowl and wait for 3-4 minutes 
4. Once that the noodles have absorbed the water, drain the bowl. 
5. Mix in the ready made sauce. 
6. Mix thoroughly, if you want your noodles a little short this is a good time to cut them. 
7. Add in the chicaron and lets eat! 

Of course since this is instant, I would just like to remind you all that this food can only be eaten on occasions. Because too much of this can actually affect your health. 

Have you tried this? If not I suggest you do. :) 

Much love! 



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