Sunday, June 22, 2014

Enjoy a Road Trip of Manila with Jeepney Tours!

Hey guys! 

What is one thing that makes you think of the Philippines when you see it? 

Besides from the food of course! 

Nope not the national flag...and also not the beautiful beaches. 

I'm actually looking for the Jeepney - one of the major type of transportation that is only seen and used here in the Philippines. I remember way back then my history teacher told me that originally the jeepney is a vehicle used by the Americans but when they left instead of throwing these away Pinoys found a way to use it again. Thus the birth of the Pinoy Jeep!

A Jeepney shows its drivers life and creativity in showcasing it with bold colors and caricature of people close to him. It also showcases the different festivities of the Philippines. 

Just like that, the jeepney is a colorful and one of a kind reminder how  
Just like our many festivals, is a colorful and grand piece of art work that we can use everyday. 

But because of the daily grind most of us ride the jeepney without seeing that it is a portal of us and also the Philippines in whole as a key to promote the Philippines more.  At Jeepney Tours, touring the streets of Manila, and other provinces of the Philippines, is a real fun ride that you would literally want to sing out loud...or is it just me?

Personally, singing while traveling is what I do most of the time when I am in stuck in traffic since music is a way for me to ease the tension of the traffic. 

Unfortunately on that day, there was not much traffic that we experienced thus we asked Kuya driver to drive around in circles before we reach our destination which is the walled city of Intramuros. 

We were supposed to go on a cruise but because of the unpredictable weather of the Philippines that trip was replaced with dinner in Barbara's where we had a Filipino inspired buffet and a cultural show.

The food that was served at the buffet were Spanish inspired Filipino cuisine. Although the restaurant was fully booked that evening we were still able to enjoy. 

The jeepney tour's main highlight is of course the videoke system in which they actually use the WOW videoke because it features different places and attractions here in the Philippines while you sing out loud to your favorite song. And this jeepney is modified because it has air conditioning, the chairs are padded and also it have a taller ceiling height so you can stand while singing. 

Another addition is a cooler where cold drinks like water, soda, and beer is stored so if ever you want a drink you can just ask to pass one to you. 

Thank you so much to Ms. Clang Garcia, owner of who personally oriented us about this really unique way to make touring Manila awesome. 

Also a big big Thank you so verimuchie to sir Ross of WazzupPilipinas for organizing this tour. It was really awesome and also I had fun although I strained my vocal chord too much haha! 

If you like to know more about this make sure to check out for all their rates and packages. 

Much Love!



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