Monday, June 23, 2014

Try out CaliBurger's Newest Treats!

CaliBurger Philippines, one of the newest food spot in Manila, is introducing three new products as the celebrate Cali Fresh Weekend. 

Personally speaking, I prefer my burger to be made with precision because a burger is not a burger if the meat is not cooked right. 

Being a foodie makes you look at food preparation in a whole new level. 

Just like my thinking, CaliBurger also does the same with each individual burgers that are always  prepared in their open kitchen who is carefully monitored by their experienced chefs. 

One thing I find really fascinating about CaliBurger's interior is they have a huge floor space and also a cool color scheme. From the chairs to the walls there are cool colors that invite you inside and not stress you out while you eat. I find that there are some places that tend to buzz the mind but I think with CaliBurger's interior it mostly gives that very stress free feel while you wait.

Now let's go to the food shall we? 

I am so thankful to be able to try CaliBurger's newest food to offer in which are the BBQ Bacon Cheesebuger, Onion Rings, and Sweet Cali Wings and their Milk Shakes. 

Okay lets start with the BBQ bacon cheese burger. It is a mouth watering cheeseburger layered with 100% USDA prime Angus Beef patty with some smoked bacon on top with a sweet and tangy house made BBQ sauce. 

Its quite big when I first saw it. If you are not a big fan of big burgers, I would suggest share it with a friend because you will have a hard time eating this one. The meat is juicy and just right to chew on but with the other elements this one is just a whole new experience. 

Next one is the Onion rings. 

Cali Burger's onion rings are hand battered onion rings with a touch of thyme.

One thing I noticed in Caliburger's onion rings is the batter is not that thick thus making the onion ring has more of a natural kick into it.  

Lastly is the Sweet Cali Wings

If you like chicken wings, Sweet Cali Wings would be an addition to your favorite for sure. It is basically juicy Chicken wings with a soy honey glaze.

I would recommend eating this once its served because the sauce tends to be quite thick the longer it is exposed to the air. 

Overall I would suggest to try out CaliBurger's newest treats they are really something worth trying for sure! 

You can visit their stores at the Century Mall in Makati and at Timog in Quezon City!

Much Love! 



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