Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photoescape Foodie Adventure Featuring Mamang's Sizzlers and Grill

Food is something that most people take for granted. 

Most people eat food to suffice the hunger in the pits of their stomachs, only a little enjoy it. 


No seriously guys have you ever tried to slow down and just savor that piece of meat that you ate a while back? 

I usually do that especially when it is about meat. I remember when my dad used to bring me to this food place near my school when he picks me up after school. He taught me that food is not something to suffice the hunger but something to enjoy. 

Especially with home cooked meals! I really like home cooked meals by my mom and dad because it has a special taste that not a lot of restaurants can give you. But if you are looking for a close alternative and you are in the Quezon City area this can answer those questions. 

Mamang is a common terms used as an endearment to our grandmothers. 

Just like the name, this family owned business is a foodie stop for everyone. 

Mamang's Sizzlers and Grill is very accessible since it is just at Anonas here in Quezon City. 

They actually just look like any food stops in the area but you will be drawn to a surprise if you try out their food.

Their menu is pretty basic since it caters to all classes. And one thing I noticed in the menu is the price range. It ranges from 85php to 380php which is quite cheap. 

Here are some of my recommendations for you guys to try. 

Sisig Espesyal with egg. 

Priced at about 99php it is the cheapest yet still delectable sisig I've tried nonetheless. It is not oily and not too salty either. This can be shared for 3 people or two if you are big eaters.

Pork BBQ and Isaw.

Their pork bbq and isaw are quite expensive for me when I saw it in the menu but when it was served to us I knew the reason why its 20 pesos a stick. Its not the typical style of just pork meat and fat grilled - it has a somewhat thicker texture which is quite rare to find if you are on a budget. The isaw was not something to miss out on because it was quite chewy. 

Its also not dry so even if you eat it alone or with rice it is great to eat. 

And lastly we have the bulasin! 

What is a Bulasin you ask? Its basically Bulalo (Beef Marrow Stew) and Sinigang (beef /pork ribs sour soup) 

I was mind blown when I first heard it because its quite hard to mix two dishes that are equally awesome as they are - but Mamang's actually did.

You will only have bulasin in Mamang's and its a definite must try. The taste is something that you wouldn't expect by it. It has that very mellow taste from the bulalo but once the sourness of the tamarind kick in it does leave a bit of a zip on the sides of the tongue - in a good way. This is also quite cheap - its only 80php! and its good for about 4 people sharing it! 

These are just some of the things you can eat at Mamang's that I definitely enjoyed. There are other things you can try out so I suggest you visit Mamang's Sizzlers and Grill soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

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  1. The Bulasin got my curiosity. I should drop by this place one of these days. :)