Thursday, March 10, 2011

Itching for Tagaytay and Baguio! :D

a lot of people I know have been telling me to go to tagaytay or baguio with them this summer.

I am a girl that loves the sun in the summer. I am very fair and the effects can be weird. I actually turn red like a lobster..haha!

So talking about tagaytay and baguio, I am planning a trip to either two.

Why tagaytay and baguio you ask? for one thing, both places are cold which I have not experienced spending a weekend there. I have experienced the food of tagaytay about a year or two ago and all I can say is eating bulalo while viewing the taal volcano is such a refreshing experience...and I wanna go back for more! haha!

I have honestly not been in Baguio in my 22 years of existence in this earth. Can you believe it? LOL that is why I am making it one of the things I have to accomplish this year! :D

Tagaytay and Baguio are mostly the places that I have only heard stories from. Baguio is well known for being the summer capital of the Philippines because of its climate. My brother once told me that they rented a room in Baguio for 2 nights and 2 days, they didn't even used the air conditioning because it was sooo cold! I wanna experience that too! hehe

I have been curious what Baguio looks like. I have seen pictures and heard stories about great places to visit. And what I really like is the fact that you can experience of wearing your scarf in a cold climate rather than looking like a fool wearing one in 32 degrees of heat in manila! haha!

So wish me luck! I plan to go there by this June so it will be less crowded :)

any tips or ideas? comment below! :D

much love!

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  1. Baguio is really beautiful..take it from me, i live here. Although it was much more beautiful ten years ago when there were lesser traffic and fewer condos. The best part though is the lifestyle. It's much simpler and laid back. Hope you could come up and visit!

    Aileen Kim of The House of Isla

  2. really? wow...maybe I would like to spend a weekend there..maybe you could show me around when I visit Baguio.. hehe ^_^ thats for following my blog by the way.. ^_^


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