Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Out of Town Trip!

(this is the side of their Olympic pool)

Hello! This is my first Blog in my travels. I actually don't travel that much because I have too many things to do. But I made it my Resolution to visit as many places in the Philippines as possible this year and to many more years to come.

In my first travel, me and my office mates planned on having a summer outing. And one of my friend first said that we can go to Zambales since its so beautiful there. But than plan was scratched and my boss suggested we go to Laguna since they have tons of hot springs there. But there was a problem about the budget.

Our last option was Antipolo which is like 45 minutes to at least an hour ride from Manila.

So it was decided, Antipolo it is. The next question was what resort should we go to. We thought about Loreland which is a big resort in Antipolo but the rates there are so high that I was thinking of backing out.

One of my friends suggested Bosay Resort.

At first I did not know what to say because I haven't been there but since I have seen their resort thru their website I was impressed because they have 7 pools and 15 cottages to choose from.

(from the entrance you can see the rates of the cottages. )

Their cottage rates run from 600 - 40,000.

Their 40,000 is actually good for pax of 400-450 persons. Their pax of 600 is good for 8-10 persons. So cheap right? and you can use all their facilities like the pools, the Karaoke machine (upon request) and basket ball court.

(my officemates, feeling haggard but still had time for some picture taking! LOL)

On the way to Bosay was ok.

ONE TIP FOR ALL: When renting a Public Utility Jeepney, ONLY talk to ONE person - that is the DRIVER.

This is one thing I have learned because the jeepney that we rented actually said yes if we can rent his jeepney and payment would be per head. The condition was 35 php per head (estimated .81 cents USD) but he refused because there are only 15 of us riding his jeep. So we agreed that instead of 35 php per head it would be 40 php (estimated .92 cents USD)

One thing to remember about jeepney drivers here in the Philippines, is not ALL of them are nice. I don't generalize jeepney drivers because I am a commuter ever since I was young and I would just encounter these rude types of jeepney driver when they think they don't get the profit they deserve. These drivers are what I call "greedy bastards".

So back to the story, on the way was nice since almost every one was in a jolly mood. But when we arrived at the resort I was feeling sick from the trip because the driver was driving too fast and I just ate breakfast then. Ugh! the pain I was in when we arrived.

(me and mami Renee, one of my officemates)

One thing that I say I mostly like about the resort is the fact that they have cheap rates in their cottages.

Their staff are also very nice because when I was in the bathroom I actually asked their attendants if they have medicine for dizziness, he gave me one and thankfully I was able to recover after 10 minutes.

(I am not a happy camper face)

the resort is great because:

1. only 45mins to 1 hour from Manila
2. There are lots of cottages to choose from.
3. Very Cheap rates!
4. Great facilities and staff.

there were only 2 things I wasn't able to like about the resort.

1. Their Therapy Pool is not that therapeutic, because its cold water.
2. some of their pools require you to be in proper swimwear attire
(either one piece or two piece)

The experience was great because I was able to have a day of relaxation with my office mates.

If you want to know more about Bosay Resort. Click here for their Official website

Till the next adventure!

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  1. Yeah right! Even we had budgeted money. Our Team still had fun in our first adventure totally except ME. I actually enjoyed but not much because of this hell cough that I still have. Perhaps, If am feeling good at that day I could probably enjoy myself in our get away to the extremely high =). There is a place in BOSAY that I really liked most is the DISCO POOL. It was quiet astonishing when I first saw it. I didn’t actually mind concerning to my health that my cough might get worse because of the cool water in pool.

  2. rightfully said ate! I <3 the disco pool too! hehe.. but there was no music? it was only a covered pool then.. hehe :D