Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drinkin' at Gilligans in MOA by the Bay

I rarely go to Mall of Asia since its too far from my house and usually most of the items there are really expensive. Call be a cheapskate but its true. 

But a couple of days ago me and my office mates went there to have dinner. I was a little hyped up since its most of a bonding experience with two of my new officemates and we didn't have work that night. 

Me and my office mate Katie went to Gilligan's to check out their night scene. I was quite surprised that even though it was a Wednesday there were a lot of people enjoying good food and also good drinks. But I was not in Gilligan's for their food, I'll do that next time. But for now I'll be showing you one of their drinks which is the original margarita. 

This drink may look harmless but the more ice it has on the more intense the alcohol will be. I have tried this drink a couple of times and it never fails to make me want to say why did I order this?!? haha! joking aside this drink is a good drink on a hot summer night. Ever though its not summer anymore here in Manila the hot weather makes this drink a good one to have with your girlfriends. 

The drink we had was in a pitcher  which costs around 270PHP (approx 6.26USD) 

It can only be good for two serving which was a big bummer since a single serve of this is only 95 PHP (Approx 2.20USD) 

Lesson to remember: Not all things in a pitcher will save you! 

I still like Gilligan's but I wish their cocktails will be a bit bigger. I just hope. 


Much Love! 

-- Alice  


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