Monday, June 11, 2012

See what SumoSam has to offer!

Hello ladies! Remember that around a couple of weeks or so I was invited at the opening of Sumo Sam in Gateway. I was very happy and excited to try their cuisines since I haven't eaten Japanese food in a long time. 

Now as promised, I will be doing individual descriptions about each dish that was served to us with its price.

Now lets start with the starters!

Sumo Sam's Pride
Price: 278PHP (Approx 6.45USD)
Description: Lettuce topped with shrimps, mangoes and walnut and the special salad sauce.

Spicy Tuna Salad
Price: 218PHP (Approx 5.06USD)
Description: Tuna flakes with lettuce and sauce.

Assorted Sashimi
Price: 378 PHP (Approx 8.77USD)
Description: Several slices of fresh sashimi with a wedge of lemon and a dash of wasabi.

And after the starters is the main dishes!

Ebi Tempura
Price: 368 PHP (Approx 8.53USD)
Description: 5 big prawns dipped in batter and deep fried into goodness.

vegetable kakiage(left) and Gyouza (right)
Prices: 168 PHP (3.90USD) and 228 PHP (5.29 USD)

Chicken Terriyaki and Japanese Fried Rice
Price: 268 PHP(6.21USD) and 288 PHP (6.68 USD)

Beef Teppan
Price: 378 PHP (8.77USD)

And for dessert, we got a fruit platter that has Apples, Mangoes, Oranges, Watermelon, Bananas, and a couple of grapes.

Fruit Platter 
Price: 178PHP (4.13USD)

I will definitely be back for more! ^^, 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


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