Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Great Taste White Coffee

As much as I want to go to Starbucks everyday my wallet is not allowing me. I know I may sound cheap but its true! And also the calories you get in one tall frap is equivalent to two chocolate cakes! I nearly fainted when my friend told me that. But getting my fix once in a while is not bad right?

Going back to the topic, Since I've stopped craving Starbucks that much I found another alternative for it. As I was checking the coffee section I saw this and was a bit curious. I can say that I had doubts about this since it says smoother and creamier can a 3 in 1 coffee do that on its own? hmmmmm....

I personally prefer my coffee with lots of creamer or milk since I don't need to add sugar that much.
One sachet of this is for one serving since if you put half only it would be bland >.<
I like this since I don't have to add sugar to it. But if you like sweet coffee you can add more sugar. 

I was just disappointed when there is no bigger size for this at the store I frequently go to. In comparison to the 3 in 1 coffees that I've tried I think this is the one I will buy again since I can just make it without sugar!

Are you a coffee addict and/or Starbucks addict? What's your favorite coffee?

Let me know on the comment box!

Much Love!

-- Alice


  1. This is so far, my favorite 3-in-1! Love my coffee with lots of milk/sugar too. :)

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